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Less than a month after the 22 remaining performances of “A Christmas Carol” were canceled due to groundbreaking COVID-19 infections in cast and crew, Center Theater Group is gearing up for the Jan. 16 start of its next show at Ahmanson Theater, the North American premiere of “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie”.

CTG Twitter feed presents enthusiastic messages from the show’s star, Layton Williams, who is part of the UK company bringing the musical from London’s West End to Los Angeles. Williams recently recovered from a holiday episode of the virus, which he wrote about on Instagram, and which CTG chief executive and CEO Meghan Pressman says is somewhat heartwarming given that a previous infection could make one. other less likely.

Reducing the risk of disease behind the scenes and in the public is the name of the game as CTG continues its season amid an almost vertical wave of infections caused by Omicron, with more than 250,000 cases of COVID-19 detected in County of LA over the past eight days and is expected to peak again in a few weeks. As big events like the Grammys have been postponed and others like the Sundance Film Festival go virtual for another year, CTG is banking on a cumulative experience to help it safely dodge related closures. viruses.

The company’s optimism remains intact even as other prominent local arts groups make different decisions. On Tuesday, for example, Pasadena Playhouse announced that its next show, “Teenage Dick,” which was scheduled to open on February 1, will switch to streaming only. In-person performances are now scheduled to resume at the end of March. And Cal State Northridge’s Soraya has now canceled three of its January shows and postponed the fourth to April.

“Contrary to what we said a year ago, we have learned to live these previous times, ”CTG’s Pressman said over the phone.

She knowingly laughs after uttering the word ‘unprecedented’, acknowledging that so far ‘unprecedented’ has been the # 1 descriptor of the effects of COVID on the performing arts – the devastating closings, the grim scenes ongoing, massive layoffs. Pressman’s sentiment that COVID-19 has become the devil we know rather than the devil we don’t know is in line with rapidly changing public opinion in the face of Omicron’s soaring boom. There is less palpable fear in the air as those vaccinated and vaccinated come to terms with the fact that an increased risk of infection is likely to be accompanied by milder symptoms.

Except when it doesn’t. And who ends up getting super sick is a bit of a guessing game. Plus, experts say the large number of infections could still mean hospitals will be overrun – a trend already playing out in cities like New York City, where Omicron started to rise earlier than in LA. Nationwide hospitalizations on Monday broke the previous record of over 142,000 set at this time last year.

Pressman says CTG has had several meetings to discuss whether or not it remains viable to conduct all of its scheduled shows.

“We always have to ask ourselves: is it safe for artists and for the public? “Pressman told The Times. For now, the answer, she says, is yes.

“Most of the show cancellations in the industry, I really believe, are due to issues behind the scenes,” Pressman said. “We have the safety of the public in hand. “

She cites the constant use of the mask, mandatory vaccinations, social distancing, and Ahmanson’s high-quality filtration and ventilation systems, which were upgraded as part of the Music’s “healthy building” audit. Center, set up last March.

Behind-the-scenes measurements require a major update in the Omicron era. As heartbreaking as the cancellation of “Christmas Carol” is, Pressman says the bottom line is that a show will only remain in danger of being canceled if there is no way to keep it. intact in case a member of the cast or team becomes ill or needs to be quarantined.

“We’ve always had breakthrough infections and put on a show or two – most places have them – but at some point you don’t have the depth of the bench to continue the show,” she says. “What Omicron did was change all of our protocols because that made the calculations faster.”

One notable change is that CTG is deepening its bench. There are more liners (“Slave Play,” the first show slated to open at the Mark Taper Forum in early February, plans to employ a similar strategy), and saving isn’t just for actors.

“We usually don’t have an understudy for a member of the film crew, but we do need one,” says Pressman, referring to the dozens of workers who oversee and operate various technical aspects of a production during a representation. “If a stage manager and an assistant stage manager come out, who runs the show?” Where are we covered? “

Omicron has a faster incubation period and two doses of the vaccine no longer provide adequate protection against infection. This means that testing the cast and crew two or three times a week may not be enough anymore, Pressman says. Daily testing, especially for actors who need to unmask themselves on stage, might now make sense – and approaches in this regard are being discussed and are expected to evolve with the pandemic. Backstage medical grade masks are a must have for everyone involved in a show (although they are not yet mandatory for the audience). Post-travel testing is taken very seriously and sniffles are not tolerated. CTG is working on revising contracts to add mandatory booster injections where they are not already contractually mandatory. (Boosters will be mandatory for eligible audience members to attend CTG productions starting February 1.)

“For some shows we can demand it, and in some cases we have to strongly encourage it,” Pressman says of the cast and crew boosters, but when it comes to “Everybody’s Talking of Jamie, “she says the company and CTG are happy with on the exact same page regarding health guarantees, including additional testing after international travel.

Pressman estimates that the cancellation of “A Christmas Carol” at the height of the holiday season cost the company about $ 1.5 million. And unlike the first COVID-19 shutdowns of 2020, which were mandated by the Ministry of Health, this shutdown resulted mainly in reimbursements. As theaters reopen, she notes, the cost of COVID compliance has increased and ticket sales have declined.

Right now, ticket sales for “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie” are between 50% and 75% of what she’d like to see. CTG is lucky, she says, as it has a dedicated subscriber base and has pre-sold a good chunk of the tickets.

However, the situation – with rising costs and falling footfall – cannot continue indefinitely. Pressman says CTG can operate on this basis for another six months or so before it needs another source of funding to shore up the $ 10 million closed site operating grant it received earlier in the year. pandemic.

“We’re going to have to figure out how to pull big levers. Either for the public to come back or for the costs of COVID to go down – something important before next season, ”Pressman said. “I can’t keep losing a million dollars on a show.”

For now, as uncertainty and anxiety over the pandemic cloud just about every aspect of daily life, Pressman remains optimistic.

“One of the hopeful things I have in all of this is the reflection that the arts are important enough for people to attend,” she says. “The people who participate in it make the choice to do so and understand the risks involved and hopefully trust us. “

Hilary Duff Set To Co-Host Clayton Echard’s First Group Date On ‘The Bachelor’ Sun, 09 Jan 2022 17:18:21 +0000

Hilary duff is set to make an appearance on the next episode of The single person on ABC.

The pop singer and How i met your star dad will co-host part of the Monday night (Jan. 10) episode of the popular reality show as Clayton Echard attends his first group date of Season 26.

According to the official episode synopsis, Duff, 34, will enlist the help of the ladies in throwing a dreamy Beverly Hills birthday party as part of the group activity. However, one of the women is more interested in spending time with Echard than with the children, while the others have a strong feeling to share.

Later on the show, “Lucky Woman Flies High with Clayton on First One-on-One Date with Surprise Musical Performance by Amanda Jordan.”

Comedian and writer Ziwe is also stopping for a second group date to help Echard spot potential red flags among his singles.

After the group’s dates, “a major storm is brewing as the cocktail hour approaches when a shocking secret about a woman who already has a rose is revealed.”

Ahead of the show, the network shared photos of the superstar and Erhard chatting in a field of grass.

The former Seattle Seahawks football player is seen next to Duff wearing a blue button-down shirt and khaki shorts, while Duff is seen wearing a white fringed tank top and classic skinny jeans.

See the photos below.

Hilary Duff and Clayton Echard on “The Bachelor”; Photo courtesy of ABC / John Fleenor
Hilary Duff and Clayton Echard on
Hilary Duff and Clayton Echard on “The Bachelor”; Photo courtesy of ABC / John Fleenor
Hilary Duff and Clayton Echard on
Hilary Duff and Clayton Echard on “The Bachelor”; Photo courtesy of ABC / John Fleenor
Hilary Duff on
Hilary Duff on “The Bachelor”; Photo courtesy of ABC / John FleenorHILARY DUFF

Season 26 of The single person Airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET / PT on ABC.

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Bikaner Camel Festival: A Captivating Case Sat, 08 Jan 2022 12:28:38 +0000

Bikaner Camel Festival: A Captivating Case

Celebrate the desert ship

Spot the beautifully adorned camels at the festival (Photo: Talha Riaz / Pexels)

The camel festival which was to start in Bikaner in January has been halted. Organized by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, it recognizes the central role that the camel plays in helping locals survive life in the desert. One of the most important festivals in Rajasthan, the show is once again canceled due to the increase in Covid-19 cases. Although the festival was canceled in 2022 due to the increase in Covid-19 cases, here is a look at what the festival has to offer.

The Bikaner Camel Festival is an annual cultural event to celebrate the importance of camels in the lives of local people. The “land of camels”, as Bikaner is commonly known, is located in the middle of the great Indian desert at Thar in Rajasthan, painting the arid land colorful with its rich cultural history and magnificent buildings such as Fort Junagarh and Lalgarh Palace. The architectural beauty of these palaces is an eclectic mix of Rajput, Mughal and European styles.

The festival is a proud showcase of the beauty, strength and endurance of the camel that helps locals survive the harsh realities of life in the desert. The three-day event includes various competitions and performances focused on the desert ship and it has become a major attraction for locals and tourists. The festival offers many competitions, performances by musical groups and many other cultural events. Although it has been a victim of the rise in Omicron cases, the festival is something tourists can add to their bucket list when the world returns to normal.

To see at the Bikaner Camel Festival

Tourists flocking to attend the festival are greeted by the beautifully decorated procession of camels that immediately catch the attention of visitors. Lively and fun activities include a moving musical evening and playful competitions among the rural people such as tug of war, matka race in which women run against each other, carrying clay pots filled with water on their heads, wrestling and many more. In addition, visitors can also add captivating activities around the camels.

Camel decoration

The idea is to embellish these friendly animals. Adorned with their owners, the wandering camels display their prowess, almost proud of their possessions and yet covered with grace. The whole procession is fascinating to watch. If anyone asks how the camel got its loot, it’s probably because of the tassels and pom poms used to make them stand out among their brethren.

Camel Fur Cutting Competition

What looks like a one-day affair takes a year of preparation to participate in this event. Camel hair grows in the first years. A lot of care and persistence is required before the hair is cut, dyed and prepped, all for the show. The intricate patterns carved on these camels reflect the design skills of rural art and their aesthetic taste.

Camel dance competition

Trainers participate with their camels to showcase some sassy moves that slow-walking creatures can groove with. Camels are trained to perform acrobatic movements on specific drum beats.

Camel race

Another much anticipated activity of the festival is the camel race. It is said that the running speed of a camel is between 40 and 65 km / h. Riders participate with their camels and some of them are specially bred and bred to perform better in such competitions.

Dance and music shows

After the animals dazzle visitors, it’s humans’ turn to show off their own dance and music skills. Rural men and women display their talents as a representation of the region to which they belong. Their folk music and dance conveys the essence of Rajasthani culture in the tunes and movements they perform.

South Callaway Band performs at Alamo Bowl – NEMOnews Media Group Thu, 06 Jan 2022 18:08:30 +0000

The Bulldog Pride Marching Band from South Callaway High School in Mokane was one of nine groups that performed in the Mass Group Halftime Final at the 2021 Valero Alamo Bowl football game on Wednesday, December 29, 2021 in The Alamo Dome in downtown San Antonio, Texas.

South Callaway joined bands from Colorado, Oklahoma, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and even another band from Missouri to perform a mix of crowd favorite songs including “Sweet Caroline”, “Living on a Prayer “,” Don’t Stop Believin ‘”and” YMCA “The combined 650 members of the” WorldStrides Band “rehearsed Tuesday and Wednesday morning to prepare for the performance.

Earlier this week, the Bulldog Pride Band participated in the Alamo Bowl Walking Festival. There, the group won third place in the field show competition and third place in the parade competition.

In addition, the group received the “Best Field Show Drumline” award – a major honor for the group.

In addition to the performances, band members toured SeaWorld Texas, cruised the San Antonio River in the Riverwalk District, took an elevator to the top of the Tower of the Americas observation tower, and toured the Alamo Historical Park.

The South Callaway Band Department is currently celebrating its 61st season. Originally, the group was scheduled to attend the Chicago Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2020 in honor of their 60th Diamond Jubilee anniversary. However, when the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic canceled the Chicago event, WorldStrides – the company sponsoring the musical portion of the Chicago parade – reached out with an offer to attend the Alamo Bowl instead. 2021. Since WorldStrides is sponsoring both events, all fundraising efforts have been seamlessly transferred to the replacement event.

The Pride Band’s next parade is the 2023 National Memorial Day Parade in Washington, DC The group was nominated by Senator Roy Blunt to represent the state of Missouri in this televised parade through the heart of the nation’s capital.

The South Callaway Bulldog Pride Band is under the direction of Dustijn Hollon and is led in the field by Drum Majors Jessica Binkley and Sage Turner. The South Callaway Band Boosters are a parent-run organization. The current members of their board of directors are Jen Ayers, Janelle Wetherell, Heather Murphy and Sam Binkley. (From the Fulton Sun, January 2, 2022)

Hilary Duff Hosts Clayton’s Group Date! Wed, 05 Jan 2022 20:50:50 +0000

Monday night should bring us episode 2 of The single person and with that, the first dates of Clayton Echard’s season! There are still 22 women still trying to get that final rose, and this season is not going to waste time getting competitive. There are people within the cast willing to break this show’s “unwritten rules” when it comes to not monopolizing the leader’s time – and, of course, that’s going to cause problems.

As for the dates, there are some great ones! Hilary Duff from next How i met your father will host the first group date of the season while Amanda Jordan and Ziwe have roles to play in the course of things as well. For more details, check out the full episode 2 synopsis below:

“2602” – Clayton moves on on his journey to find love with the 22 amazing women who remain. After moving into the Bachelor Mansion for the first time since the start of the pandemic, these eligible singles are ready to kick off a week of dating! On the first group date of the season, guest celebrity Hilary Duff enlists the ladies’ help in throwing a dreamy Beverly Hills birthday party, but when a woman is more interested in spending time with Clayton that with children, others have strong feelings to share. Later, a lucky woman flies high with Clayton on the first one-on-one date with a surprise musical performance by Amanda Jordan; and Ziwe stops by the group’s second date to help Clayton spot potential red flags among his singles. After the dates are over, a major storm brews for the cocktail party when a shocking secret about a woman who already has a rose is revealed. Will Clayton be forced to do something that no other bachelor has ever done before? Find out on “The Bachelor”, which airs MONDAY JAN. 10 (8:00 p.m. – 10:01 p.m. EST), on ABC. Watch episodes on demand and on Hulu the day after they premier.

Could Clayton send home a potential favorite early? Chances are, one of the group’s rose recipients said the rose was taken, but the reason is a mystery at the moment. There is a good chance that more information will come to light. How this happens should be a cause for discussion.

Related – Watch a preview now for the rest of Clayton’s season!

What do you think of Clayton’s season so far The single person?

Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! After you’ve done that, stick around to make 100% sure that you don’t miss any further updates in the future. (Photo: ABC.)

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Warner Music Group Announces Secondary Offering Price from Access Industries Subsidiaries | Your money Tue, 04 Jan 2022 12:08:37 +0000

NEW YORK, January 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Warner Music Group Corp. (“Warner Music Group”) (Nasdaq: WMG) today announced the price of a subscribed secondary offer (the “Offer”) of a pool of 8,562,500 Class A common shares of Warner Music Group ( “Common Shares”) by companies affiliated with Access Industries, LLC, at a public price of $ 41.00 per share. The offer is expected to close on January 6, 2022. Warner Music Group is not selling any common shares under the offer and will not receive any proceeds.

Morgan Stanley is acting as an underwriter for the offer.

A pre-registration statement (including a prospectus) relating to the Common Shares has been filed with the SEC and has become effective. The offer is being made only by means of a prospectus supplement and accompanying prospectus. Copies of these documents can be obtained from Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC, Attention: Prospectus Department, 180 Varick Street, 2nd Floor, New York, New York 10014, or free of charge from the website of the US Securities and Exchange Commission ( the “SEC”) at

This press release does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy, and there will be no sale of such securities in any jurisdiction in which such an offer, solicitation or sale would be illegal prior to the registration or qualification under the securities laws of that jurisdiction.

About Warner Music Group

With a heritage stretching back more than 200 years, Warner Music Group is today home to an unprecedented family of creative artists, songwriters and companies who are moving culture around the world. At the heart of Warner Music Group’s Recorded Music division are four of history’s most iconic companies: Atlantic, Elektra, Parlophone and Warner Records. They are joined by renowned labels such as Asylum, Big Beat, Canvasback, East West, Erato, FFRR, Fueled by Ramen, Nonesuch, Reprise, Rhino, Roadrunner, Sire, Spinnin ‘Records, Warner Classics and Warner Music Nashville. Warner Chappell Music – whose origins date back to the founding of Chappell & Company in 1811 – is one of the world’s leading music publishers, with a catalog of over one million copyrights spanning all musical genres, from the standards of the Great American Songbook to the greatest hits of the 21st century.

Forward-looking statements

This communication includes forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. These forward-looking statements include statements regarding expectations as to the closing of the offering. The forward-looking statements contained in this document involve risks and uncertainties which could cause actual results to differ materially from those mentioned in the forward-looking statements. More information on Warner Music Group and other risks associated with Warner Music Group is detailed in Warner Music Group’s most recent annual report on Form 10-K and its quarterly reports on Form 10-Q and current reports. on Form 8-K as filed with SECOND. Warner Music Group does not undertake to update any forward-looking statements.

Additional factors that may affect future results and conditions are described in documents filed by Warner Music Group with the SEC, which are available on the SEC’s website at or at Warner Music Group web at

Media contact:

James Steven

Investor Relations Contact:

Kareem Chin

Copyright 2022 GlobeNewswire, Inc.

Rock band Hoxne Blame it on the Dog back together after 20 years after reforming during lockdown Sun, 02 Jan 2022 18:23:00 +0000

Driven by the lockdown, a local rock band from Hoxne regrouped after nearly 20 years apart to record a new album – although they now live on different continents.

Since 2001, Blame it on the Dog has reached the final of the Star Maker Talent Competition – an annual event at the Park Hotel aimed at seeking out local musical talent.

Months later, the band – made up of guitarist Matt Davies, bassist Jason Watson and drummer Ollie Mills – disbanded and remained silent for nearly two decades.

Blame It On The Dog at the Park Hotel’s Star Maker Talent Competition in 2001. Photo: Matt Davies (54038615)

That was until the first lockdown, when a friend of Mr Davies, now 41 and a father of two, raised him.

“There was a thing where you name 10 albums that have influenced your life and then you name someone else,” said Davies, who now lives in Sussex, where he runs an electronics company.

“An old friend of the band came up with our old album, which we didn’t even know existed yet.

Mr. Davies, Mr. Watson and Mr. Mills layered in a picture together to promote their new album.  Photo: Matt Davies
Mr. Davies, Mr. Watson and Mr. Mills layered in a picture together to promote their new album. Photo: Matt Davies

“He sent it to me, then I sent it to Jason, and he sent it to Ollie. We had this moment of “what have we given up?” “

“We were disgusted that we let this slip away when we were too young and stupid to realize what we had – we had amazing chemistry.”

The trio started video chatting and flirted with the idea of ​​re-forming the group.

Mr. Mills, 41, is now a father of one and lives in Canada, where he works for a tech company, while Mr. Watson, 42, has three children and works in airport security.

“We started talking every day,” added Davies. “Talking led to joking that it would be cool if we could still make new music – it seemed really impossible.

“We all started working on these ideas and songs, and things started to happen.”

After a year of exchanging files, the band managed to rekindle the spark they created when they performed at the Park Hotel on Denmark Street all those years ago.

This month they released a new album, Three Armageddon Chairs, which is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

“As a result, my two young boys now see me playing music and they too want to learn now,” Davies added.

“The friendships we have made out of this are incredibly special.

“The message here is that it’s never too late; it’s never too late to go back and pursue old dreams, work things out with old friends, or get back to what you love.

GRAMMYs 2022 summary: Best duo / group pop performance Sat, 01 Jan 2022 11:35:57 +0000

As part of the SKPop 2022 Grammy roundup, here’s a look at the Best Pop Duo / Group Performance category.

Collaborations are one of the most exciting facets of pop music. Often times, the hype around a music album is based on the list of features it boasts of. As pop music is emerging as a great monolith of a genre, there are more possibilities than ever for musical collaborations.

2021 has seen a slew of iconic, surprising and intriguing collaborations, featuring returning duos like Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, and bands like BTS rising to new levels.

The recording academy’s choices for best duo / group pop performance reflect the lineup.

A quick look at this year’s Grammy nominees for Best Pop Duo / Group Performance

Here’s SKPop’s take on this year’s nominees for Best Pop Duo / Group Performance:

1) Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga – “I love you”

After universal worship for Cheek to cheek (2014), the unlikely and iconic duo of jazz legend Tony Bennett and one of pop’s most experimental pioneers, Lady Gaga, are back this year with Love for sale (2021), performing interpretations of even more classic classics.

I take a kick from you is certainly one of the highlights of the album, with infectious energy that belies Bennett’s age and grace that belies Gaga’s explosive dance roots. Bennett and Gaga are one of the most iconic nominees for the Best Pop Duo / Group Performance category.

2) Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco – ‘Lonely’

Justin Bieber called on some of the biggest names in pop music to collaborate on his latest album Justice (2021) including Khalid, Daniel Ceaser, Chance The Rapper and superstar producer Benny Blanco. Several tracks on the album were vying for the crown of Best Pop Duo / Group Performance.

Only Bieber tries to be the most serious himself, with a strained voice and confessional lyrics speaking of his fame and countless past crimes. Unlike some of the other tracks on the record, this one feels like it’s from an authentic place.

BTS – ‘Butter’

In a repeat of last year’s heart-wrenching saga, BTS was sidelined with just one Grammy nomination despite their massive and record-breaking progress over the year. It’s another example of how the academy always lags behind when it comes to taking the pulse of the public.

While Butter does not reach stratospheric heights of serotonin stimulation of Dynamite, it’s an energetic power-pop anthem worthy of being crowned the song of the summer. With the massive success of Butter, BTS is a serious contender for Best Pop Duo / Group Performance.

Coldplay – “Higher Power”

Coldplay is one of the biggest bands of the 21st century. They have everything to their credit, from contemplative ballads to resounding hymns in the arena. Even though their previous album Daily life (2019) was not a huge success, it had a fiery following. However, the lack of sparkle Music of the spheres (2021) was an album that even diehard fans couldn’t stand up for.

Superior power sounds like any other Coldplay song from the 2010s on autopilot. While the themes of unity and global causes supported by the group are to be welcomed, their musical depth leaves a lot to be desired.

Doja Cat Ft. SZA – ‘Kiss Me More’

Doja Cat and SZA both had a wonderful year as solo artists, with Doja’s Planet her (2021) winning universal fame and SZA landing spots on a series of impressive singles.

But this collaboration is undoubtedly the zenith of their two powers. Doja’s quoted verse and SZA’s memorable bridge vocals could each make a hit song on their own. This undeniable track is the one to beat in the Best Pop Duo / Group Performance category.

To mark the new season of Cobra Kai, here is a brand new exclusive interview.

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]]> Jeddah chamber hosts forum for group finding jobs for ex-convicts Thu, 30 Dec 2021 20:53:49 +0000

RIYAD: The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture in Saudi Arabia, also known as Ithra, this year presented more than 7,000 programs and initiatives in the fields of art, knowledge, culture, creativity and society, and welcomed more than 500,000 local and international visitors, the organization said.

In addition, approximately 4,000 male and female volunteers participated in the centre’s local, regional and international events and activities, contributing 13,000 hours of work.

Ithra has won five local and international awards in the past 12 months, including the National Award for Volunteer Work in the Private Sector and the Path of Large and Emerging Cultural Institutions of the Private Sector Award. It also won the MarCom Award, a prestigious honor in recognition of excellent work in the field of marketing and communications, despite competition from 6,000 institutions around the world.

In addition, the center gained accreditation as the first voluntary organization to implement the Saudi Standard for Volunteering, introduced by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, as it provides services and support to people with disabilities. .

Ithra also launched a digital wellness program in 2021 which aims to raise awareness and influence society to adopt healthy digital practices.

The center participated in the Saudi pavilion at the 74th Cannes Film Festival and announced the production of two new films: “The Fugitive”, by acclaimed Egyptian screenwriter and producer Mohammed Hefzy, and “The Valley Road”, by award-winning Saudi director Khaled. Fahd. Their release is scheduled for 2023.

This year also included the fourth edition of the Tanween Creativity Season. Under the slogan “Shaping Creativity”, it featured prominent local and international creators, innovators and experts who gave 30 lectures, 20 professional courses, seven workshops and four experiences in various creative fields.

As a first step, Ithra also organized the Tanween Moment, which allowed more than 4,600 visitors to perform collective works using their smartphones to control the flight of 300 drones.

The center celebrated the launch of the second edition of Sharqiyah Innovate, which focused on the Eastern region as the main destination for creativity in the Kingdom. More than 100 entities and 150 teachers participated in the event.

At the beginning of December, during the first Biennial of Contemporary Art in Diriyah, Ithra unveiled the winning work of the fourth edition of the Ithra Art Prize: “E Pluribus Unum – Modern Rock” by Nadia Kaabi-Linke, which explores the effects of COVID-19 pandemic through its effects on the global aviation industry.

During this time, 484 visitors attended the Learning Without Borders conference, which included workshops and discussions presented by 40 speakers from around the world.

Press room – Generations of aviators Wed, 29 Dec 2021 16:01:17 +0000

First Officer Mike DeWalt first knew he wanted to be a pilot when he was eight years old. His father, a 26-year-old naval aviator, consciously took the time to bring his four sons aboard his plane when he could, instilling a love of aviation in his children from the start. Through these inspiring trips to the flight deck, DeWalt and two of his brothers closely followed in their father’s footsteps, undertaking long naval careers before eventually entering commercial aviation.

“My dad has always inspired me,” DeWalt said. “But after a career of almost 28 years as a naval aviator and communications officer, I wanted to transfer my flying skills to the commercial aviation industry and I was fortunate enough to do so here at American Airlines. “

Mike DeWalt may be the newest DeWalt rider to join the team, but he’s very proud to be part of the American family, which includes two members of his own. His older brother, Rod, is a Dallas-Fort Worth-based Boeing 737 captain, while his younger brother, Chip, is a 737 first officer based in Washington, DC.

Even though the DeWalt brothers have very different schedules, their paths sometimes cross. This month, by total surprise, the three brothers met at the Miami International Airport and stopped for a quick catch-up.

“When we are able to bring everyone together, family reunions make for some great stories of theft,” added DeWalt. “My brothers and I are very close, and we have been fortunate enough to grow up with each other – and now while we are here at American.”

Another new recruit, Paige Rogers, a first officer of the 737, also developed a love of flying at a young age, thanks to her mother, who at the time was an American captain.

“When I was really young I would tell everyone I wanted to be a pilot,” Rogers said.

Then, after September 11 and more difficult years for the airline industry that reduced the need for new pilots, Rogers changed course and instead focused on a career in medicine. Eventually, Rogers graduated from the University of Georgia with degrees in biology and psychology, but her passion for aviation remained the priority.

In fact, while studying for the MCAT, she took a break to visit a local flight school for a lesson.

“I knew after this flight that I was supposed to fly,” Rogers said. “I had my private license before I got my MCAT score, and I never looked back. Fortunately, by this point the airlines had really regained the momentum they had lost before. ”

Of course, his childhood background as a pilot played a huge role in his journey to America. His mother, Captain Beverley Bass, known as the pilot whose plane diverted to Gander, Canada on September 11, as shown in the Broadway musical Come From Away, has never stopped encourage him.

“Having a parent in the industry obviously has huge benefits,” explained Rogers. “I knew from the start what life was like with this job. As important as my career is to me, having a family is just as important. My mom proved to me that you can have both. Rogers is keenly aware that her mother has faced many challenges throughout her career as one of the first women in a traditionally male-dominated role.

“Not a day goes by that I don’t appreciate all the women who have faced these obstacles head-on so that girls like me can follow in their footsteps,” she added. “I really believe we have the coolest jobs in the world, and I can’t thank my mom and the many others before us enough for giving us this opportunity.”

Will Sheriff Jr., currently American Airlines Cadet Academy flight instructor, grew up flying with his father, Captain Will Sheriff Sr., but first pursued a professional dancing career until he changes course in 2019.

“I might not be on stage anymore, but every time I step into the airport I trust my preparation and execute what I rehearsed,” Sheriff explained.

But he also knows that he owes a good part of his success to his father and to the network to which he gave him access when he needed it.

“Without the mentorship that my father and my mentors give me, I would be much less successful,” he added. “He’s been a pilot my whole life, so I’ve seen the example he sets inside and outside the cockpit, and he’s nothing short of a great aviator and leader.”

Every pilot on the U.S. team, from the most seasoned captains to new hires and those who found a love for aviation later in life, has a love and passion for a job that focuses solely on piloting. safe and expert from people across the world. And for those with family ties in the industry, that love strikes a little differently – and may continue for generations to come.