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Kojima Productions he goes develop in a remarkable way, as evidenced by the many vacancies posted by the team, currently looking for almost 30 positions to fill this range in various fields of game development and creation, apparently to be employed. on large-scale projects.

Hideo Kojima’s team is looking for artists, writers, level designers, project managers and more, as evidenced by the official website of Kojima Productions in the vacancies section.

Kojima Productions: the team logo

While large-scale staffing is a fairly common thing on the part of teams, the fact that such many roles are currently open means that an expansion of staff is planned for the near future, possibly to be able to follow a more sustained roadmap, perhaps for several games to be carried out simultaneously.

Almost all the announcements in question refer to “large-scale projects”, reported in the plural, which suggests the development of several games at the same time, even parallel multimedia projects, knowing that the team recently opened a center dedicated to TV series, films and music.

There are plenty of rumors about new games being worked on at Kojima Productions: recently we were talking about a new game still with Norman Reedus, but we were also talking for some time about a possible game developed for the cloud in collaboration with Microsoft , although it is also possible that you are working with Sony and Microsoft at the same time.

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