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The internet was in turmoil with the sounds of 87 piano students performing in front of 10 teachers / judges via a network of Zoom meetings on Saturday 13 November. It was time for the 41st annual scale Olympics.

Sponsored by the Kenosha Root Music Teachers Association (KRMTA), Scale Olympics is a judged event for piano students. They are evaluated in four separate events: scales, arpeggios, chords and cadences. There are 12 graduated levels in each event. Students strive to take higher levels each year. For their efforts, they are awarded points, which qualify for ribbons of different colors according to their score. They also receive a written evaluation of their work.

Stan Bochat, chair of the Scale Olympics committee, and its members, Paulette Garin, Marilyn Justus and Martha Veto, coordinated this virtual event through a network of Zoom meetings and Google spreadsheets.

“It’s so wonderful to be part of a performance-based organization (KRMTA) that is able to come together and work for the children in our community,” said Bochat.

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“The virtual process went very well and the students were very well prepared,” said Joan Davies, senior KRMTA member and one of the event’s founders. “A big thank you to Stan Bochat and his team for all the time and effort they put into making this year’s Olympic Games a success.”

The statistics for this year’s event are as follows: Eighty-seven registered students from Racine and Kenosha counties, plus a few from Illinois and one from New Jersey participated in 300 separate events. In addition to Bochat, Garin, Justus, Veto and Davies, KRMTA members Anna Kojovic-Frodl, Flora Lim, Lynn Orlando, Monica Scholz, Mary Skop and Terri Seitz have registered students and / or served as judges for the ‘event.

Parents’ involvement

Parents were invaluable in helping coordinate the many moving elements of this activity.

“It’s a great way for kids to learn and grow within their scales,” said Roxanne Talley, a parent with two enrolled children. “We have such a great experience every year. The judges have always been so encouraging.

In addition to her comments, Christine Clouse said, “My daughters look forward to Scale Olympics every year. They love to receive feedback from other teachers and take great pride when teachers notice how hard they work to master the scales. It’s a fun event for everyone.

Marilyn Justus summed up the event: “It was a wonderful morning hearing and seeing the piano students of Kenosha and Racine County doing a great job putting their technical skills to use. “


For over 40 years, the Kenosha and Racine Music Teachers’ Associations (now merged with KRMTA) have served independent music teachers in Kenosha and Racine counties. Its main goal is to encourage students and the community through programs that support the fine arts. The majority of its members teach piano, but all music teachers are welcome.

KRMTA is an affiliate chapter of the Wisconsin Music Teachers Association (wmta.com) and the National Association of Music Teachers (mtna.org).

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