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First Bank of Nigeria Limited recently launched a campaign labeled “Treat & Earn Promotion” to reward First Monie Wallet customers. AMAKA IFEACANDU looks at the impact of the campaign on the bank’s many customers.

Technological advancements have offered the Nigerian banking sector the opportunity to adopt different innovations to provide excellent services, meet customer demand while remaining relevant in the global financial system.

The country’s commercial banks, in their transformation process, have developed electronic and internet banking platforms to enable customers to transact from the comfort of their homes and offices.

First Monie Wallet app

And in this regard, FirstBank of Nigeria Limited, Nigeria’s leading financial inclusion bank, is among the banks that have provided a range of digital financial services with various payment channels to reach all of its customers across the country.

The FirstMonie Wallet App is one of FirstBank’s online digital platforms that allows customers to transact seamlessly using their mobile numbers from anywhere and anytime.

The description

Firstmonie Wallet is an electronic wallet that offers individuals the ability to make and accept payments electronically with their mobile phone numbers.

It is a tool used by developing countries to enable individuals to participate fully in the global financial system.

It helps eliminate the need to carry a physical wallet by storing customer payment information in a secure and compact way


The app can be used to transfer funds, Fund Wallet, buy airtime / data recharge, pay bills, cash receipts and withdrawals, as well as make corporate disbursements and collections. Besides funding from Bet9ja, it can be used for virtual card and agent locator


The application will allow customers to access different accounts through the wallet. The First Monie wallet is unique in that it is more convenient for customers, available with or without internet data, and accessible over any network in Nigeria. It has an instant transaction without BVN.

Firstmonie Wallet “is a user-friendly electronic wallet used to pay utility bills, purchase airtime and data, transfer and receive money from any account transparently and conveniently, and much more. It’s your portfolio with a lot more possibilities.

Portfolio levels

Firstmonie Wallet is available on two channels – USSD code – * 894 * 1 # as well as the mobile app. The product has three account classes which include First Monie Classic, First Money Gold, and First Monie Platinum. The three accounts operate with different unique specifications.

Portfolio level requirements

The First Monies Classic account is designed to have an entry limit of 50,000 N per day, an exit limit of 50,000 N for transactions made with USSD and 50,000 N for the mobile application, while the account will have a wallet capacity of 300,000 N. Interested customers must submit their mobile phone number and date of birth before they can open such an account.

For First Monie Gold, the cash flow limit on the account is 200,000 N per day, while the exit limit for USSD and Mobile is 100,000 N and 200,000 N respectively. The account has a wallet capacity of N 500,000 and the account holder must provide a BVN and other valid identification means such as a voter card before operating the account.

To operate the First Monie Platinum account, customers will have an inflow limit of 5,000,000 N per day, an exit limit in USSD and the mobile application of 100,000 N and 1,000,000 N respectively, while the capacity of the portfolio would not exceed 10,000,000 N. The account holder is required to comply with the Central Bank of Nigeria KYC regulations on AML / CFT 2009

the promo is also open to new customers and users of the application because registration can be done by

download the mobile app from your app store or via the USSD channel as shown below.

To sign up for Firstmonie Wallet using your phone,

· Simply download the application from your store (iOS or Android)

· Enter your mobile number and accept the terms and conditions.

· Follow the steps to complete the registration.

To sign up for Firstmonie Wallet via the USSD channel,

· Simply dial * 894 * 1 #.

· Choose 1 to register without BVN and enter the necessary information.

Choose 2 to register with BVN and follow the message

How to finance a Wallet account

You can find a wallet from any bank debit card, first bank account, any active First Monie wallet, or from the First Monie agent.

While funding from an individual First Bank account is free, funding a wallet account from a debit card costs 1% of the amount, while at the agent it has three fees. depending on the amount deposited.

First Monie Wallet transaction and win a promotion

The First Bank recently launched a two-month campaign labeled Transact and Win promo to reward its customers for their continued use of its services. The campaign promotion which started on Monday November 22, 2021 will continue until January 22, 2022.

Who is qualified?
The promotion is open to bank customers, new customers and app users, as registration can be done by downloading the mobile app from your App Store or through USSD.

To register for Firstmonie Wallet via the USSD channel, the customer must dial * 894 * 1 # then select 1 to register without BVN and enter the necessary information or choose two to register with BVN and follow the message.


Bank customers will be rewarded with various prizes including cash prizes of N 10,000.00, iPhone, pedestal fans, rice bags, generators, air conditioning systems and LED TVs during the two months of campaigning.


Eligibility to participate in the campaign for the respective prizes depends on how often the Firstmonie wallet is used. The higher the number of transactions made on the mobile-friendly wallet, the higher the chances of winning.

Procedure for rewarding customers

Giving details on how customers will be rewarded, the bank said that N10,000.00 are up for grabs per 200 customers for a number of transactions of 1 to 15 during the month; 106 bags of rice of 25 kg and 100 units of standing fans are to be won for 16 to 30 transactions carried out with the Firstmonie wallet; four units of generator sets, two units of air conditioning systems and two units of LED TVs will be given to customers who complete 31-50 transactions while four units of iPhones would be earned for more than 50 transactions made with the app.

Other First Bank Rewards Campaigns

Besides Transact and Win Promo, FirstBank, through its annual DecemberIssaVybe campaign, is offering massive free giveaways for premium events aimed at creating compelling and memorable experiences for stakeholders in the Christmas season by unveiling the 2021 calendar of events.

The 30-day activity-packed event includes musical performances and concerts, comedy, fashion, arts and food fairs and is specifically supported to conjure up cheerful moods as everyone gets ready. for the end of the year celebrations, especially Christmas Day.

FirstBank DecemberIssaVybe is also designed to inspire goodwill among all stakeholders. December is a season for giving and given FirstBank’s culture of showing kindness through initiatives such as SPARK (Start Performing Acts of Random Kindness), the DecemberIssaVybe campaign incorporates kindness and spreads its life-transforming message. .

First look at the Wallet app

Speaking on promoting the Transact and win campaign, Group Director, E-commerce and Retail Products, Mr. Chuma Ezirim said: Uses of different services offered by our mobile-friendly wallet product.

“We are really excited about the prizes to be won, as it also translates into rewarding our clients in the spirit of enabling the Bank’s December-is-a-Vybe Campaign Dreams. “

Distributed across Nigeria

In total, First Bank has been the premier bank in West Africa and the leading provider of financial inclusion services in Nigeria for over 127 years.

With more than 750 commercial sites and more than 147,000 bank agents in 99% of the 774 local government areas in Nigeria, FirstBank offers a full range of personal and business financial services to serve its more than 30 million customers. The Bank has an international presence through its subsidiaries, FBNBank (UK) Limited in London and Paris, FBNBank in the Republic of Congo, Ghana, Gambia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Senegal, as well as an office of representation in Beijing.

The Bank has been able to promote digital payment in the country and has issued more than 10 million cards, the first bank to take such a step in the country.

Since its inception in 1894, FirstBank has consistently built relationships with its clients focusing on the fundamentals of good corporate governance, strong liquidity, optimized risk management and leadership.

First Bank support to the government

Over the years, the Bank has led the financing of private investments in infrastructure development in the Nigerian economy by playing a key role in the federal government’s privatization and commercialization programs.

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