Rock band Hoxne Blame it on the Dog back together after 20 years after reforming during lockdown

Driven by the lockdown, a local rock band from Hoxne regrouped after nearly 20 years apart to record a new album – although they now live on different continents.

Since 2001, Blame it on the Dog has reached the final of the Star Maker Talent Competition – an annual event at the Park Hotel aimed at seeking out local musical talent.

Months later, the band – made up of guitarist Matt Davies, bassist Jason Watson and drummer Ollie Mills – disbanded and remained silent for nearly two decades.

Blame It On The Dog at the Park Hotel’s Star Maker Talent Competition in 2001. Photo: Matt Davies (54038615)

That was until the first lockdown, when a friend of Mr Davies, now 41 and a father of two, raised him.

“There was a thing where you name 10 albums that have influenced your life and then you name someone else,” said Davies, who now lives in Sussex, where he runs an electronics company.

“An old friend of the band came up with our old album, which we didn’t even know existed yet.

Mr. Davies, Mr. Watson and Mr. Mills layered in a picture together to promote their new album.  Photo: Matt Davies
Mr. Davies, Mr. Watson and Mr. Mills layered in a picture together to promote their new album. Photo: Matt Davies

“He sent it to me, then I sent it to Jason, and he sent it to Ollie. We had this moment of “what have we given up?” “

“We were disgusted that we let this slip away when we were too young and stupid to realize what we had – we had amazing chemistry.”

The trio started video chatting and flirted with the idea of ​​re-forming the group.

Mr. Mills, 41, is now a father of one and lives in Canada, where he works for a tech company, while Mr. Watson, 42, has three children and works in airport security.

“We started talking every day,” added Davies. “Talking led to joking that it would be cool if we could still make new music – it seemed really impossible.

“We all started working on these ideas and songs, and things started to happen.”

After a year of exchanging files, the band managed to rekindle the spark they created when they performed at the Park Hotel on Denmark Street all those years ago.

This month they released a new album, Three Armageddon Chairs, which is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

“As a result, my two young boys now see me playing music and they too want to learn now,” Davies added.

“The friendships we have made out of this are incredibly special.

“The message here is that it’s never too late; it’s never too late to go back and pursue old dreams, work things out with old friends, or get back to what you love.

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