Some skyscrapers cancel the December 31 holiday, some events down | Calcutta News

Calcutta: Several residents’ associations have sent alerts to their residents, urging everyone to exercise caution over New Year’s weekend to protect themselves and their families from the virus. Most have abandoned their holiday party plans and many have started putting in place infrastructure to isolate and offer treatment to those infected.
“It’s a conscious decision to cut back on celebrations in the wake of the increase in cases and to alert for a third wave. We had planted a Christmas tree and lit our complex. The “Santa Claus” has arrived to entertain the children. But a lot has changed in the last few days and we are not having any celebrations on the 31st, ”said Indranil Chowdhury, secretary of the Silver Spring Housing complex. “We expect to resume some restrictions.”
The South City Residents’ Association had hosted a New Years party, which they abandoned on Thursday. “We have abandoned party plans but since many have already purchased food stamps, we will have food on the lawn. But we keep staggered hours and organize it in a large open space to avoid overcrowding, ”said Manoj Gupta, secretary of the residents’ organization.
A resort in Kestopur has also canceled the celebrations, calling for caution even for small gatherings. “We have 32 apartments in our complex and every year there is a party on New Years Eve. Last year we hadn’t even thought of organizing it but this year we had started to prepare for it. . But with the increase in the number of cases, we have decided to cancel the celebrations, ”said Vikas Pachisia, a resident of the Sangam complex in Kestopur.
In Urbana, residents had planned a musical evening and party on a 5-acre lot that could accommodate more than 600 people. Association officials were still in a meeting until late Thursday, discussing whether to cancel the event or continue it, but with more restrictions. “We only allowed residents and vaccinated artists to attend the event. But given the growing number of cases in the city, we have doubts now, ”said Debjani Mukherjee, director of Urbana Facility Management.
Large parts of the new town that dress this time of year with celebrations at the resorts are also reducing events. “It’s only natural that people are in the mood to cheer. But we have asked our members not to be complacent and let their guard down as Covid cases rise again. A small mistake can be expensive, ”said Samir Gupta, secretary of the New Town Citizens’ Welfare Fraternity.

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