The spread of the Omicron variant was seen limiting the lives of the Greeks and again working TNH staff

ATHENS – Another grim COVID-19 year is coming to an end, but before the end of 2021, one could likely see more health restrictions recommended to cope with an expected increase in the Omicron variant across Greece, keeping more than people at home.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ New Democracy government has decided to focus more on an economic recovery and relaxed holiday return measures, but his group of doctors and scientists and doctors are reportedly urging them to be tightened again.

They will meet on December 27, Kathimerini said, days before New Year’s celebrations and amid reports that some nightclubs have ignored or defied measures to check patrons to see if they are free of the virus. .

The government has proposed a package of measures including canceling state and city-hosted celebrations requiring masks to be worn indoors and outdoors, with KN95 or mandatory double masks for supermarkets.

But entertainment venues are still open and Greek television has shown nightclubs packed to the brim and one, after being closed, reopening illegally again after cutting police locks, no prosecution reports.

There were also scenes of people walking around without masks and entering retail businesses and restaurants unchecked despite the government’s promise to send 10,000 police officers and inspectors to stop the violations.

Among the new measures that may soon be put in place – previous reports said they would begin on January 3, 2022 – include half of public and private workers doing their work from home.

In addition, the early closure of dining and entertainment venues was still allowed, but with the ban on leaving customers standing, the ban on music in restaurants and bars and the limitation or ban of spectators during sporting events.

Unnamed sources told the newspaper that health authorities have seen a 1,000 percent increase in the Omicron variant of wastewater in Attica’s most populous prefecture, which includes the Greek capital.

But Education Minister Niki Kerameus again said schools will open after the holidays, regardless of the severity of the pandemic, telling SKAI TV that “there are no talks for the distance education for the moment ”.

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