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By David Onwuchekwa, Nnewi

Umu Okpu (Umuada) The Okpuno-Egbu community, Umudim, local government area of ​​Nnewi North of Anambra State on Sunday honored its members aged 70 and over, married women and some men in the region and launched the Igbo calendar.

The women’s group that has Ms. Angela Okonkwo as president and Pastor Dr. Uche Chukwu nee Orizu as business manager said the dozens of recognized women and men should make a distinction at its first edition of the annual meeting.

Dr Chukwu said the Umuada have decided to recognize their community members, married men and women who have not been at fault, and for their contributions to peaceful coexistence in the Okpuno-Egbu community.

“We are the Umuada of this community. This is the first edition of our annual meeting as women born into this community. We consider it necessary to start it this year and the event is significant in some ways.

“What we have achieved, as you can see, is recognizing our members 70 and over with gift items to appreciate them for standing out in standing up for the truth without compromise.

“The second category is that of married people in this community from the age of 70 and over who have not derailed as married women in their homes. We see everyone and we know everyone.

“We have the third group which is made up of selected men from our community who have stood out in one thing or another to uplift the community,” she said.

The highlight of the event was the launch of an Igbo calendar intended to promote the Igbo language and culture, according to Dr Chukwu.

She said the group has decided to save Igbo cultural heritage at its small end of the schedule, which she says is on the verge of extinction.

“Our children no longer know their Igbo market days. We want to bring our people back to their roots, ”she said.

She noted that the annual event gave women the opportunity to meet relationships they hadn’t seen for a very long time. She said there were some of the women she saw at the event after twenty years.

In a related development, Dr Chukwu said the women’s group has made deals to start a skills training program for their members on a larger scale. She said the women did this at some of their quarterly meetings.

She explained that this was meant to keep busy women away from frivolity and gossip.

The Umuada attending the event shared 100 bags of rice courtesy of Chief Okpuno-Egbu, Dr Ifeanyi Orizu.

The women then had fun with the Obis in their midst with a splash of musical performances from a DJ on standby. They have prepared some delicacies for themselves and their guests.

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